Certified Mediation Services

Efficient Case Management

We’ve been offering certified mediation service for years, with countless successful cases. Our Jefferson County clients can count on our Smith-Hynes Law practice group to manage the legal process as efficiently as possible to achieve the best outcome for the clients we meet with.

Mediation, (a form of alternative dispute resolution) can be described as an informal conference between two parties that are involved in a dispute of some kind.  The mediation session is facilitated by a mediator, who is a neutral third party, who is designated to attend and act as a negotiator of sorts for the parties; however, makes no decisions for those parties. 

Courts routinely require parties to participate in a mediation session for family law case disputes.  Other times, individuals seek mediation services voluntarily themselves.   Mediation services are offered at our Hillsboro office, where we offer a spacious and comfortable conference room.

We provide clients with a certified and court-sanctioned mediator on staff. We assist adverse parties by looking at all possible options to resolve the dispute without the need for further litigation.  Mediations are typically 2 hours in length and are much more cost effective than formal litigation in a court setting.