Smith-Hynes Law Firm LLC

10639 Business 21, Hillsboro, MO 63050  (636)-797-4343 

What you can expect when you choose Smith-Hynes Law Firm LLC Attorneys at Law in Hillsboro: 

  •  Low retainer and flexible, affordable payment terms
  •  Free Initial Consultation
  •  Efficient case management
  •  Experience and expertise you can trust


Our attorneys are highly skilled with over 20 years of combined experience in the legal industry including Family Law, Mediation, Criminal Law, Traffic/Muni Cases and more. We welcome you to click on attorney profiles to learn more about their achievements and background experience.  

Smith-Hynes Law Firm LLC is located in Hillsboro, MO and serves all of Jefferson County.  We have an impeccable support staff. Debbie Wiley is our Office Manager/Legal Assistant and Keena Wiley serves as an additional Legal Assistant.  Both staff members have been with the firm since its founding in 2007. They will serve you with dedication, professionalism, and courtesy.